Automation is vital to the success of the pharma industry


Automation is vital to the success of the pharma industry

Pharmacovigilance processes are time-consuming and resource-intensive. On an average, a large pharma company processes approximately 700,000 adverse events (AE) cases annually. With pressure to be leaner and more efficient, companies need to be able to process this increased caseload while maintaining their current cost base.

Process automation especially based on Robotic Process Automation – RPA technology can enable PV case processing at significantly reduced costs and increased accuracy. RPA-based Bots automate several repetitive and time-intensive tasks that are otherwise performed manually by humans. E.g. PV case processes require integration of data that varies in quality, structure and format and fifty percent of PV resources are deployed to manage them manually. Software robots can automate such manual activities and reduce the time spent by 45% and can enable multimillion-dollar savings annually.

Business process automation technologies such as RPA can be a key technology in automating processes in the field of life sciences. By streamlining operations, compiling research and consumer feedback, and collecting data from clinical trials, robotic process automation can reduce the time and cost it takes to develop pharmaceutical drugs.

Yes, there are some challenges as well in implementing the automation technology within the organization such as managing cultural changes, scrutinizing the requirement of suitable environment and architecture and identifying the right processes to automate to start the automation journey. But these challenges can be managed with a well-defined implementation methodology keeping in mind the overall organization’s digital transformation goals.

Automation Benefits acknowledge by Pharma companies –

  • Huge cost / time saving due to 10x activity processing speed due to automation.
  • Minimized human errors due to well defined processes and boundary conditions
  • 100% inline to compliance due to on time reports and automated notifications.
  • Security of case and test data can be ensured due to cloud security.
  • The overall process makes easy as complex activities executed by system.